Installation of renovated organ in the Priory
March 2004 - June 2004

Renovated reed pipes installed in the organ  (May/June 2004) M

Renovated flute pipes installed in the organ  (May 2004)

Choir and Great reed pipes installed in the organ  (June 2004)
    New blower
Manuals in position (April 2004)
New blower in position


Frames intalled with  wind chests.
White box will hold the Solo pipes (April 2004)
Showing the painted roof above the organ.
The Swell pipes will be installed in a box in the space below the painted ceiling


The  roof, painted in 1864
Frame under construction in Priory showing bellows,
wind chests and wind trunking (March 2004)


  Newly polished  woodwork at the top of the organ case
 (April 2004)
The Caroe case, polished and in position (April 2004)(

 Detail of the polished case